What Do We Use Magnets For?


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• Fridge magnets.
• Cupboard doors.
• Window cleaners.
• Strip magnets to hold your fridge door closed tightly.
• Found in your… t.v telephone, stereo, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, washing machine, car, TV, VCR, and your doorbell.
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Around the house:  
Stereo speakers
Computer speakers
Telephone receivers
Phone ringers
Microwave tubes
Doorbell ringer solenoid
Refrigerator magnets to hold things
Seal around refrigerator door
Plug-in battery eliminators
Floppy disk recording and reading head
Audio tape recording and playback head
Video tape recording and playback head
Credit card magnetic strip
TV deflection coil
TV degaussing coil
Computer monitor deflection coil
Computer hard drive recording and reading head
Dishwasher water valve solenoid
Shower curtain weights / attach to tub
Power supply transformers

Motors for use in:
CD spinner and head positioner
DVD spinner and head positioner
Audio tape transport
VHS tape transport
VHS tape loader
Microwave stirring fans
Kitchen exhaust fans
Garbage disposal motor
    Ice maker dumper
Sump pump
Garage door opener
Clothes washer
    Pump and agitator
Clothes dryer
    Drum turner
Bathroom exhaust fan
Electric toothbrush
Ceiling fan
Pager or cell phone vibrator
Clocks (not the wind-up type or LCD type)
    Cooling fans
    Floppy disk spinner
    CD spinner
    DVD spinner
    Hard disk spinner
Can opener
    Lid holder magnet
Things in the Car:
Starter motor
A/C clutch
Interior fan motor
Electric door locks
Windshield wiper motor
Electric window motor
Side-view mirror adjuster motor
CD player motor
Audio tape player motor
Audio tape recorder and playback heads
Engine speed sensors
Starter relay
Windshield washer pump motor
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Holding up notes on our refrigerators  :)
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5 things that we use magnets for
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We use magnets for our fridges to hang our kids stuff on ! X
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Magnets are used in electric motors.  In fact, all electric motors have magnets in them.
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We  use  magnets  for  our  schools,cars,refegraders,and  our  schools

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