How Do Humans Use A Magnetic Force?


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Magnetic force is a force that is emitted by magnetic materials. Magnetic materials have the ability to produce magnetic field by themselves. A simple and a common example of a magnet would be your refrigerator magnets, small paper holders which are attached on the refrigerators have magnets at their backs which helps them to be attached to the surface of the refrigerator without the need of an external material.

Uses of magnets are plentiful and humans have learned to use magnetic force in more than a handful ways to help themselves with their work. One such example is the magnetic crane used to lift heavy trunks. Electronics magnets (magnet which emit magnetic force only at the time when electricity is passed through them) are used in such cases. Once turned on, the magnetic field increases allowing the trunks to get attached to the magnet of the crane. Heavy trunks which could not be lifted with such ease are now being travelled all over the place.

Daily uses of magnetic materials include ATM cards which have a magnetic strip to store vital information. The monitor you are using right now (if made of Vacuum tube) also uses electromagnet. Speakers have magnets too which are used in converting electric energy into mechanical energy. Other uses of magnetic force is included in children toys, refrigerator magnets, in science projects and hundred other common places that you might not have thought about.

All in all, magnetic force is a very vital force for human beings as they have learned to make use of it in their daily lives.
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You made no mention of Faraday's 1832 discovery of the lines of flux, and the later generators that produce electric power, and most things. My studies believe that (theory only) flux is the biggest power force on the earth once controlled. I will start releasing my studies soon. First off the trigonometric relationship when applied to electric and flux is worth less. I wrote that paper over a year ago!
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