How To Find The Weight In Grams Of 1 Mole Of Calcium Oxide?


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The weight of one mole of calcium oxide would be its molecular mass. The units for molecular mass are grams/mole.

Actually, all you need is a periodic table and a simple calculator to find molecular masses. What we do is that we add the masses of the component elements in the ratio in which they are present to obtain the collective mass of the element.
For this it is very important that we know the correct formula for the compound. The formula for calcium oxide is CaO.
The atomic masses of the two elements are:
Calcium = 40
Oxygen = 16

Since one atom of each joins together to produce one mole of the compound, the molecular weight would be:
Molecular weight of CaO = 1(40) + 1(16)
  = 56

So, the weight of CaO in one mole of the compound is 56 g/mol.

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