Explain Consumer And Types Of Consumer?


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Consumer is a person engaged in evaluating, acquiring and using goods and services to satisfy his needs and wants.
Consumer is the key figure in market and around him all the activities are carried on.

Types of consumer:

The consumer can be further divided in to two classes.

1: Personal Consumer:

Personal consumer is that consumer who purchases goods and services for his own personal consumption or uses. We can say that consumer is also called to be the ultimate or final person because when the marketer produces the goods then he hand over the goods to personal consumer for final consumption.

For example:

Mr. X buys shaving cream for his personal use so he is said to be personal consumer.

2: Organizational Consumer:

Organizational consumer consists of the government agencies, business organization, non governmental organization (NGO), firms and different types of manufacturing companies who purchases the goods and services in order to run the business of the firm or business concern or business organization.

For example:

A manufacturing organization let suppose Bannu woolen mills purchases raw materials in order to produce woolen cloths in winter season.
The main purpose of the purchase and selling of Bannu woolen mills just to operate the mill or business of the concern is getting profit or not.
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There are four types of consumers: Herbivores, carnivores, scavengers, and omnivores. Herbivores are consumers that only eat plants. Carnivores are consumers that only eat animals. Scavengers are a carnivore that only eats the dead bodies of organisms. Some examples of herbivores are caterpillars and deer. Some examples of carnivores are loins, snakes and scavengers. An example of a scavenger is a catfish. Some examples of omnivores are goats and must humans. Each consumers takes an important part of its ecosystem.
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The different types of consumers that exist can be classified as follows:
Consumerss can be analysed through the product itself, or end-consumer, or both. The most common distinction is between end consumer and industrial buyer.
Consumer Markets
Consumer markets are the markets for products and services that are bought by individuals for their own or family use. Goods bought in consumer markets can be categorised in the following ways:
• Fast-moving consumer goods commonly known as FMCGs: These are high volume, with low unit value, fast repurchase. Examples include Ready meals; Baked Beans; Newspapers, toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, biscuits etc.
• Consumer durables: These are goods that have low volume but the per unit value is high. Consumer durables can be further sub - divided into:
White goods (For Example, fridge-freezers; cookers; dishwashers; microwaves)
Brown goods (For Example DVD players; games consoles; personal computers)
Soft goods which are also similar to consumer durables, the only difference is that they wear out more quickly and therefore they have a much shorter replacement cycle. Examples of soft gods include clothes, shoes, jackets, Jewelry, socks.
Services: Services are intangible products (Examples of services include hairdressing, dentists, childcare).

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