How Does Bleach Rust A Nail?


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Bleach is NaCLO, this is sodium hypochlorite. Bleach will set up a redox reaction much faster than water produce an oxide faster than water.
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Yes because I did it for my science project on year and bleach is good on everybody clothing and any other material one main rule about bleach don't drop it on your clothes wow please don't drink be mature more and more everyday
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To tell you the truth, bleach is one of the worst things man has created. Yes, it can cause rust, destroys the environment, and cannot be broken down once it is in the flow of things. Best to use bleach alternatives, other green products. Bleach can do a lot of things, which I will not go into here as can be detrimental in the wrong hands. It is corrosive, destroys clothing and all for the so called sake of whitening. Best to use a blueing agent, which is found in many detergents. Also, bleach combined in a diaper pail will create sulphuric acid which is deadly to smell and dangerous. Bleach should be eliminated all together.

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