What Will NaCl+AgNO3 Produce In As A Chemical Reaction?


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Sodium chloride reacts with silver nitrate to form sodium nitrate
and silver chloride. The valency of sodium and silver is positive
one. The valency of chlorine and nitrate is negative one. The sodium
ion Na+ from sodium chloride combines with NO3- to form NaNO3. Similarly potassium ion Ag+ from silver nitrate combines with Cl- to form AgCl. The balanced equation of the reaction is;

NaCl+AgNO3 ------> NaNO3 + AgCl

NaCl ------> Na+ + Cl-

AgNO3 ------> Ag++NO3-
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The important bit is the state symbols because nothing else is happening. All others in solution(aq).
Ag+ + NO3- + Na+ + Cl- --->AgCl(s) + NO3- + Na+
AgCl is a white precipitate which dissolves in dilute ammonia solution so is a good test for Cl- ions. The same happens with Br- - to give cream ppte(soluble in conc ammonia not dilute) and I- to give a yellow ppte(soluble in liquid ammonia, if you have some!).
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NaCl + KNO3

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