What Is The Chemical Reaction For NaCl+KNO3?


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  • What is the chemical reaction for NaCl + KNO3?

When sodium chloride and potassium nitrate combine they form sodium nitrate and potassium chloride which would be written in a chemical formula of NaNO3 + KCl.

  • What is a chemical reaction?

A chemical reaction occurs when certain chemical substances combine together and produce a reaction. Reactions can vary from a slight fizz to a full combustion involving fire, electricity, light and heat. The results of a chemical reaction are often written in chemical equations or formulas.

It is in our human instinct to create chemical reactions and we have been doing so since the Stone Age; when human kind first understood fire and combustion. Without fire we could not have developed into what we are today so understanding chemical reactions is very important to our evolution and human development.

  • What is NaCl?

NaCl is the chemical formula for sodium chloride. The common use for sodium chloride is salt and common table salt. Salt is a vital element to our lives as this is what makes the sea salty and ensure all the sea life can live and also preserves and flavors our food and is something we need to keep our bodies functioning in a healthy way.

  • What is KN03?

KNO3 is the chemical formula for potassium nitrate. This is also a type of salt and it is ionic with potassium ions and nitrate ions. It is a natural solid source of nitrogen. The chemical is often used in fertilizers and fireworks. It is also used as a food additive and in gunpowder.
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Sodium chloride reacts with potassium nitrate to form sodium nitrate and potassium chloride. The valency of sodium and potassium is positive one. The valency of chlorine and nitrate is negative one. The sodium ion Na+ from sodium chloride combines with NO3- to form NaNO3. Similarly potassium ion P+ from potassium nitrate combines with Cl- to form KCl. The balanced equation of the reaction is;

NaCl+KNO3 ------> NaNO3 + KCl
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