The Reaction Of An Acid With A Base Will Produce A Salt. What Is The Other Product?


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Acid and base react to form salt and water. This process is called neutralization because acid and base neutralize each other. Acid is that chemical substance which has the ability to give a proton or hydrogen ion in its solution. Base has the ability to give up a hydroxide ion in the solution. The metallic part of the acid combines with non-metallic part of the base to form salt. The hydrogen ion from acid and hydroxide ion from the base combine to form water. For example, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid react to yield water and sodium chloride.

NaOH(base) + HCl(acid) ------ > NaCl + H2O

NaOH ------ > Na+1 + OH-1

HCl ------ > H+1 + Cl-1
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