Will Seeds Germinate If I Soak Them In Liquids Other Than Water?


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I've never tried to germinate seeds in anything else but water, and I think water is your best bet.  Even better is to soak and slightly wring out two paper towels, fold them in two, lay the seeds carefully one by one, side by side, and then fold again, so the seeds are covered top and bottom with water.  Lay this on a plate or saucer, whichever size is more appropriate, whether you used a saucer or a plate.  For three days, spray the paper towels, topside and underside, turning them over each day.  No peeking. Keep them in a bright place, and usually, within 3 days depending on the seed, you'll have sprouted seeds that you can either plant or feed to your pet birds.
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Water is what gardeners use to germinate. Some people like to use a cup instead of a wet towel to germinate, filling a cup with water and placing the seeds in and they float, as soon as the seed germinates / opens, it falls to the bottom of the cup verifying it's ready to be planted in starter cups.

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