What Is The Process Of Seed Germination?


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  • What is seed germination?
Germination occurs when a seed begins to turn into a plant. The process begins when a plant produces a seed which is usually contained inside the fruit or the cone of the plant after the male and female sex cells of the plant have been united.

Inside the seed there will be an embryo and as long as the seed is distributed into the type of conditions it requires to germinate, it will do so fairly quickly.
  • Distribution of seeds

When seeds are distributed naturally they may travel in the wind, on leaves or on flowers that will eventually fall from plants and drop to the ground. They may be distributed by animals who are attracted to the plant for various reasons. They could attach themselves to bugs such as bees that land on flowers when they abstract the nectar to make honey. The seeds could also be inside fruits such as berries that animals will discard.

  • Conditions for germination

Many seeds will need different types of conditions to germinate successfully but the majority will need soil that has some nutrients, some oxygen and some water. Some seeds need it to be extremely warm to germinate while others do not mind the cold.

Soil that is extremely rich in nutrients may encourage the growth of some seeds, but other seeds may do better in less nutritious soil. Some seeds prefer to germinate in the dark whereas others need direct sunlight for a few hours every day in order to successfully germinate.
Once the seed has been successfully distributed to an area that is suitable, germination will begin. This is a complex topic and an excellent website to visit is Here you will find detailed diagrams of each stage of the germination process along with the biological names for each stage.
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The process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow is known as germination.
Germination is the onset growth of a seed, often following a period of dormancy, in response to suitable environmental conditions. During germination (the growth and development process) of a seed the water is absorbed through micropyle, and the formerly dormant embryo resumes growth and emerges from the seed.

The root is normally the first structure emerging from the seed, growing rapidly and absorbing the water and minerals from the soil. Much of the water is transported to the cells in embryo. As its cells elongate the stem pushes out of the soil. There are two types of seed germination; one is the epigeal germination and the other is the hypogeal germination.

When the cotyledons appear above the ground by the elongation of hypocotyls, the type of seed germination is called epigeal. For example; seeds of melons, cucumber and beans. When the cotyledons remain below the soil and epicotyl elongates bringing plumule above the soil surface. It is described as hypogeal germination. For example seed of gram, maize and grain. In some seeds such as tobacco plants light is also necessary to trigger the germination of seeds.
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Germination is the process where by seeds sprouts and starts to grow
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Basically, germination of a seed is the "time of conception" for a plant. It is when the seed has become fertile and has the ability to actually grow into another plant on its own.
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The process of seed germination is basically the breaking out of the radical of the seed from its covering (the seed coat). Seed germination occurs when the seed is provided with proper care, food, water and temperature. This is the first step in the plant growth. A small radical or baby plant emerges out of the seed in this process.
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Seed in suitable conditions, began to germinate, the process is; seed swelling, increased respiration, soften the seed coat, radicle first growth, a breakthrough from the kind of hole in the seed coat, down to the formation of main root growth, when the radicle length to a certain extent, the growth of hypocotyl and embryo began to break through the seed coat, drilled soil, the formation of stems and leaves, gradually formed a complete seedlings.
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It is the period in which a seed or sporem emerges from a period of domancy.
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Dearest Guest, The process of seed germination is when the seed is becoming a mature plant.
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1. Soak seed in water
2. Take proper care of seed and make sure that it is watered once a day
3. You wills lowly see the effects of seed germination

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