What Is The Distance From Earth To Mars?


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Mars and Earth are approximately 48,000,000 miles apart.
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When Mars is closest to the Earth, is is only about 35 million miles away from the Earth. At its farthest, it is about 250 million miles away. The average distance is 36 million miles.
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The distance varies in accordance with the movement of the planet and the last time when the planet was quite close to the earth, its distance from our planet was measured as 55,785,006 kilometres.

When it comes to other descriptions of the planet it is the fourth planet from the sun and has reddish appearance. It is because of its appearance that people also call it the red planet. The surface of the planet has the appearance of craters on it and has some volcano kind of appearance also. When it comes to the name that the planet has got, it is named after a Roman god.

The planet is always being the darling of the research people as it shows close resemblance with our planet earth and recently we have made some headway also is the area of prevalence of life on the planet mars.
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As both Mars and Earth orbit the Sun (at different speeds) and both have slightly elliptical orbits this is not an easy question to answer because at some point Earth and Mars will be on opposite sides of the Sun and therefore very far apart while at other points they will both be on the same side of the Sun and therefore much closer together.

On average Mars orbits the Sun at a distance of 227,939,100 km
On average the Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of 149,597,888 km

Thus the distance between their "average" orbital paths is 78,341,212 Km. However, they would actually only be this distance from one another on rare occasions.Depending on where they are in their respective orbits, they can be anywhere from 36 million miles to over 250 million miles apart.

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The distance from earth to mars keep on changing and range from  36 million miles (nearest planet after  Venus) to over 250 million miles. It is the fourth planet from the sun and on the given link you will find more interesting details about mars like life on mars and its distance from some other plants and sun.

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This varies quite a bit but can be as close at 35 million miles when we are both in a line out from the sun. Our probes there are planned around these big differences. This means the brightness and value of Mars as an object to observe and photograph from Earth vary and there are very close encounters now and then where it is a Beauty!
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Mars is basically the fourth planet from the Sun. This planet was named after the Roman God of War. It is a terrestrial planet that has a thin atmosphere.

The planet Mars is around 1.5 times far from the Sun as compared to the Earth. These two planets take different times to travel around the Sun. So the distance between the Earth and Mars varies according to their subsequent positions. However, the average distance between these two planets range from 100 million kilometers to 380 million kilometers.
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The distance from Earth to Mars is between 56 million and 399 million km. The variation of the distance is because of Mars orbit around the Sun.
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Earth and Mars travel around the sun in elliptical orbits. The closest these two bodies have been occured on October 29th (23.5 million miles) and 50000 years.  And since earth's orbit around the sun is twice as fast as mars, the distance can exceed 62 million miles. Normally this "opposition" of the planets occur every two years with distances varying.
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Actually the distance varies, average is 36 million miles, but can be as much as 250 million miles. Has been as close as 22 million miles

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