How Deep To The Core Of The Earth?


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It is somewhere between 3,160 and 3,954 miles, or 5,150-6,360km, to the inner core of the earth. This varies due to different heights of the earth above sea level. It is between 1,790 - 3,160 miles to the outer core and between 410-1,790 miles to the lower mesosphere.

The upper mesosphere is between 22 and 410 miles below the surface and Asthensphere between 62 and 125 miles. We then have the mantle, which is between 22 and 1, 790 miles below the surface followed by the uppermost part of the mantle which usually sits at around 22-37 miles below the surface. The crust is between 0 and 22 miles and on the top we have the Lithosphere, which is the surface of the earth.

The inner core of the earth is the hottest part of the earth and is around 760 miles in radius. It is believed to consist of an iron-nickel alloy, and may have a temperature similar to the sun's surface, approximately 5778 K (5505 °C). The outer core is so hot that the metal is always molten, but the inner core pressures are so great that it cannot melt, even though temperatures there reach 6700ºF (3700ºC). As the earth rotates, the outer core spins around the inner core and that causes the earth's magnetism. Life on earth would not be possible if we did not have this magnetic field that surrounds us and is produced in the centre of the earth.

The liquid outer core surrounds the inner core and is believed to be composed of iron mixed with nickel and trace amounts of lighter elements. Recent speculation suggests that the innermost part of the core is enriched in gold, platinum and other siderophile elements.
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The core of the earth is estimated to be at about 3,000 miles deep and is known to be a crystal and measures 600 kilometres across. The core of the earth is believed to be made of iron and nickel.

The earth has three layers, the crust, the mantle and the core. The core, the innermost layer of the earth, consists of an outer core with fluid matter and an inner core with solid matter. The core contains iron and nickel, and the iron in fluid form flows across the core of the earth thereby creating the magnetic field of the earth.

The outermost part of the earth is called crust and is about 25 miles thick at the continents and about 7 miles thick at the oceans. Below the crust, lies the mantle of the earth. Mantle consists of flexible material and so it flows instead of fracturing. The core of the earth lies below the mantle at about 3,000 miles down from the crust of the earth.
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To the outer core, 5,200 km.
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Earth's Inner core is 1.7% of the Earth's mass and its depth is 5,150-6,370 kilometers (3,219 - 3,981 miles),
Earth's Outer core is 30.8% of Earth's mass and its depth is 2,890-5,150 kilometers (1,806 - 3,219 miles).
Different layers of earth have different depths and thus the percentage of mass they form of earth. However, Earth's Inner Core shows the total deepness of earth's core which is 6,370 Kilometers or 3,981 Miles.
Visit Earth's Different Layers' and Their Depth for more Information with Pictures.
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About 40.000.00 ?
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The outer core is estimated to be deep in the Earth by 1800 miles while the inner core is approximated to be deep by 6000 kilometers. The radius of the inner core is around 1,200 km while the radius of the outer core is around 3,400 km.
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