What Are The Disadvantages Of Being Bilingual?


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I can not think of any disadvantages of being bilingual. I do know some points you might be able to use.
Well people that are bilingual have better chances with
First !!! Jobs are very important to any citizen of any country. With the bilingual knowledge you are more open to more jobs . Let me tell you about some of the jobs. You are most welcome to be an interpreter for the other language you speak and you will get payed more. Another thing people haven't really mentioned is , customer service or the phone. This can be very helpful for people who want interpreters for the phone. I know a girl who does customer service in another country and speaks through to english people.
PEOPLE :  Purely, you just get to meet more people , have more friends and have the joy of speaking another language in your home or at a public place.. This could also be handy for secret meetings and clubs .
COUNTRY : You get the benefit of being able to read in other countries and travelling more without having any troubles. I might not be bilingual.... But I do know this..
Speaking 2 or more languages.. Is very handy

The End : By Guest :) Hope this helps
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Being asked to translate things from one language to another by people who know that you are bilingual.
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Some Disadvantages To being Bilingual Are That You Could Possibly Have A Funny Accent That Most People May Make Fun Of.
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I think that being bilingual is a very thing but there are only some disadvantages.
You might get confused and forget a word of your language. I am VickyAngel Heavenly by the way if you want more info then go create a facebook account or add me in facebook.
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