What Is The Full Equation For Silver Nitrate With Potassium Chloride?


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Silver nitrate reacts with potassium chloride to form potassium nitrate and silver chloride. The valency of potassium ion is +1 and chloride is -1. The valency of silver ion is +1 and nitrate ion is -1. The net ionic equation is;

AgNO3 ------> Ag+1  +  NO3-1

KCl ------>  K+1 +  Cl-1

AgNO3 +KCl ------>KNO3  +AgCl

One molecule of AgNO3 reacts with one molecule of KCl to form one molecule of KNO3 and one molecule of AgCl .
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Al is actually +3 while nitrogen is -3!, the values for potassium and chloride are both correct.
We can see ; therefore, that the balanced equation will be 3KCl = AgN------>K3N + AgCl3.

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