How Do You Grow Night Blooming Jasmine?


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Yes, you can grow night blooming jasmine plants from cuttings. Need a long healthy cutting free from insects & mold with good sunlight in a glass jar of water. It is ready when you see many large white roots with a good start. We have done many this way.
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There are certain conditions that the plant prefers and these should be maintained for healthy growth. The plants are mostly grown from seeds. The plants should be planted at a distance of four to five feet from each other. They generally prefer Clay Loam to Sandy Loam soil and prefer full sun conditions as well. Sunny to Partial sunny conditions are considered beneficial. The plant prefers an average water supply and moist conditions but like most plants suffers from over watering. The plant can grow to a height of up to ten feet and is evergreen. It comes into bloom several times during the year including late fall, mid summer and late summer. Care should be taken as all parts of the plant are poisonous if consumed.

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