What Are The 5 Stages Of Human Growth?


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The kinds of human growth are:
early childhood
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Biologically, there are 4 stages of human growth -
  1. Infant:- from 0-5 years of age
  2. Childhood:- from 6-12 years in males and 6-10 or 11 years in females
  3. Puberty:- from 13-21 years in males and 11 or 12 - 18 years in females
  4. Adulthood:- no specific changes in the body
If noticing in general life add one more to the 4 above
Old Age:- It is like second childhood - totally dependent on others.
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Hi I am doing my N.V.Q3 in domicilary care and this is one of the requirements, hope it helps

Infant in the oral stage of development when a child sucks from its mothers breast and enjoys the closeness from this.

Then adolesent in the anal stage when the child becomes interested when using the toilet , and has a good feeling when doing so.

And when a child in the phallic stage when becoming a teenager, and become aroused with their own gentials.

Then there is the Latency period when a child becomes interested with sexual desires of their own and reaching puberty. Becoming interested in the opposite sex, or not the opposite sex, now wanting to make relationships.

Also there are the 5 stages of human growth which are
middle aged
old aged
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The five stages through which every human being has to go through till he or she comes out from the womb of the mother are different stages of the development of the body and at the end of these periods the body of the human being is completely grown.

The first stage is the zygote stage which is the point at which the conception or fertilization of the child happened. After the zygote stage comes the blasotcyst stage which is the period between conception and embryonic stage. The third stage of the development is called embryo and this period starts after three weeks of fertilisation and continues until the eighth week of the period of pregnancy. The fourth stage is the longest one and its period is ranging from the end of the 8th week till the birth of the child. The fifth and final stage is the birth itself and at this point the body of the child is completely grown to face the outside environment.

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