How Do You Test The Speed Of Sound?


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You can test the speed of sound by comparing it to the speeds of light and electricity. The speed of light and the speed of electricity are higher than the speed of sound. You can work in association with a partner and measure a distance (which could be either two or three kilometres) along a clear line of sight. You and your partner stand at either end; he or she flashes a bright light in your direction and creates a sound which is as loud as the gunshot which is fired to start a race.

When you see the flash of light coming in your direction, you have to start the stopwatch and when you hear the sound which is similar to a gunshot, you have to stop the stopwatch. Sound travels at a speed of approximately 343 metres per second. Since the approximate speed of sound is about 343 metres per second, you will have enough distance, if there is a gap of about two kilometres, to repeat this experiment several times and get a rough estimate of the speed of sound.
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Have 1 person stand somewhere and hav another person stand far away from them. Have one of the 2 people make a big noise and the other time how long it takes them to here it.
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