What Happens If Creatinine Levels In The Blood Get Too High?


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Can drinking a lot of water bring your creatinine levels down?
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Creatinine is the white crystalline compound made by nitrogenous organic acid. A BUN test or the Blood Urea Nitrogen Test is done to find out the amount of nitrogen in the blood that is eliminated in the form of waste product urea. Urea is produced in the liver, due to the breakdown of protein and is eliminated in the form of urine.

The BUN test is done with the help of a blood creatinine test. Creatinine levels give you information about well your kidneys are doing. If the level of creatinine in the blood is high or more than expected, it means that your kidneys are not functioning properly. The BUN and creatinine tests is used to calculate the BUN:Creatinine ratio. The tests and the BUN:Creatinine ratio formed helps the physician ascertain about creatinine levels, the functioning of the kidneys and the reason for abnormal BUN if any.
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Hi, there is any risk factor if creatnine levels reach about 3.18 at present for a heart patient..thanx plz reply

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