What Is Hydrochloric Acid?


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Hydrochloric acid is known as the chemical compound that is said to be the Water Based (Aqueous) solution of Hydrogen Chloride gas. It is one of the main components of gastric acid; hydrochloric acid is a very strong acid and is very widely used for industrial purposes. Hydrochloric acid should be handled with care and proper safety precautions, this acid is a very highly corrosive liquid.

Also known as muriatic acid has been in use since the time it was discovered by the alchemist 'Jabir ibn Hayyan'. This acid was discovered some time in the year 800. This acid was used through out the Middle Ages, at that time it was mainly used by alchemists in their quest to build the 'Philosopher Stone'. The molar mass of Hydrochloric acid is 36.46 g/mol.

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