What Is The Delegation Of Authority And What Is Its Importance?


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Delegation of authority means giving the rights and responsibility to other people in the group to work independently and make decisions. In today's world, delegation of authority has become very important as it is not practical for the boss or supervisor to manage all of the work of the department. This is particularly true for large departments handling big projects. The supervisor has to meet the goals, focusing on the objectives in a timely manner. Hence it is imperative that he delegates the authority.

Delegation can be defined as transfer of authority from superior to subordinates. However, although the subordinate is empowered, the responsibility of the entire job remains on the shoulders of the supervisor. The supervisor is held accountable for the results whether good or bad. Hence delegation of authority required a strong and trustworthy relationship between the supervisor and the subordinate.

Certain amount of freedom should be given to the subordinate such that he can make the decisions whether right or wrong and learn from it. This will in turn help the subordinate grow and get the abilities to be a future leader.
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Delegation of authority can be defined as giving the rights to staffs to make decisions on their own. It is important because it motivates the low level staffs to work on their full potential. Furthermore the business,sometimes, might be in need of quick or instant decision so in times like this delegation may result fruitful.
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The boss is relived from too much work.
Supervision is th only work to be done by the boss

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