What Is A Skeleton And The Importance Of It?


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The skeleton has five major functions:
A) it provides shape and support
b) enables you to move
c) protects internal organs
d) produces blood cells
e) stores certain materials such as calcium and phosphate.
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The skeleton gives our vital organs protection and also gives us stability (without we'd be a pile of cells with no clear structure!). The skeleton helps during physical activity too.
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Your skeleton has a couple functions:
1) to give the body support and structure (otherwise we'd be rag dolls!)
2) to protect the bodies' internal organs
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The skeleton makes up the support and protection system in human beings and other animals. It is normally internal to an animal, however, some animals are characterized by an external skeleton.

The Human skeleton is internal in nature that is why it is called an Endoskeleton. The skeleton is made up of bones. These bones are surrounded by layers of skin. All the vital organs like lungs, heart, kidneys etc are inside this skeleton as well as all types of soft tissues.

The human skeleton plays an important role in keeping the body upright and in the movement of body parts. It is made up of 206 bones and a number of joints and muscles. These joints and muscles allow these bones to move freely.
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It allows us to move. Run, walk and any other activities
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Skeleton forms the framework of our is one of an important system with which we are capable of walking,running and do all other physical activities
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It framework of 206 different bones that gives proper shape to our body and protects our delicate organs like heart, lungs, kidney etc
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 a skeleton is a rigid framework that provides protection and structure in many types of animal,
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What is your understanding of the normal skeleton and muscle attachments
the range of movements in joints in relation to the importance of correct movement and positioning?

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