What Does Hydrogen Peroxide Do?


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Hydrogen Peroxide is a potent oxidant yet it is safe in its applications. It ranks as one of the most powerful oxidisers known to man, stronger even than compounds like chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate.

In spite of its power, Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural metabolism element in several organisms. Hydrogen peroxide is completely soluble with water, leaving only the concentration as a factor to ensure safety. Hydrogen peroxide used on an industrial basis is very potent and should be handled carefully. It is an extremely versatile and useful compound, used for a wide variety of purposes.

Hydrogen peroxide can perform several functions, some of which are given below: It can assist microbial expansion. It can treat pollutants which are not easy to oxidise. It can bleach textiles as well as paper products. It is used to process food items and products like detergents.
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How much hydrogen peroxide do u use to kill fleas on fur tine and humans

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