Is Urea Pee?


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Urea is an organic chemical compound which occurs when the waste made as the body metabolizes protein. Naturally, urea is produced when your liver breaks down protein(or amino acids & ammonia). The kidneys transfer urea from the blood to urine. Extra nitrogen is expelled from the body through urea. A person excretes about 30 grams of urea a day, (urine) ( or sweat!)
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Urea is the chief solid component of mammalian urine; synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide. It is filtered out of the body through the kidneys, and is one of the components of urine.
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I sure hope not, because I was reading the ingredients on a bath product the other day, and among many other yucky chemicals that I can't pronounce, "Urea" was listed...oh man, that's GROSS!
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If the word you meant to write was urine then I suppose yes. Urine is a synonym for pee.

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