What Is Meaning Of Physical Science?


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The term physical science may often be misinterpreted to be a particular branch of science. It is actually a term used to group the different branches of natural science that study non living systems. In this context, physical science may seem different from biological science, which deals with the study of living systems. However, there is some confusion that the use of the term physical science creates, because while it deals with non living systems, some of these systems also deal with biological phenomena. There are different branches that come under the aegis of physical science. These include astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, oceanography, hydrology, meteorology, and soil science. Physical science is based on the different theories and propositions made to explain the different aspects of behavior of nature.

There have been a number of reputed scientists who have worked in the sphere of physical science, both from ancient and modern times. Eminent people from the ancient times in this field include Aristotle, Archimedes, Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon, Galileo, Nicolaus Copernicus, Thales of Miletus, etc. From the modern times, scientists who worked in this field include Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, James Hutton, Isaac Newton, Linus Pauling, etc.
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The study of nonliving matter

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