What Are Examples Of Social Development?


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Social development is characterized by enhanced equality in a society; examples of social development can be traced throughout the decades, and these include women's rights and gay rights:

Examples Of Social Development

• DADT Repeal - The United States military used to operate under the principle of DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell); this military law stipulated that soldiers could not divulge their sexual preferences, and that other military personnel could not ask about a fellow soldier's sexual preference. This flawed law was heavily protested, since many gay rights activists felt it sent a message that homosexuality was wrong and should be hidden; in fact, this was actually the military viewpoint for a long time, and soldiers could be thrown out of the military for homosexuality (with a dishonourable discharge). Now, since the repeal of DADT is complete, soldiers do not have to hide their sexual preferences in order to serve in the American military. Since (obviously) gay soldiers have been fighting and dying for their country for hundreds of years, acknowledging and allowing homosexuality in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines is a step forward, and a shining example of social development.
• Women's Rights - Equality for women, which includes the right to vote and own property, is another important example of social development. In cultures where women don't have equal rights, a patriarchal society is the norm, and progress is slower. Since the suffragettes fought for the vote, women have gone on to make great inroads towards equality; however, there are still areas (such as equal pay for equal wages) that do require social development. After all of these years, men often still receive more money for doing exactly the same type of work.

Certain political groups spend much of their time lobbying for social development; examples include Amnesty International and AMFAR; groups such as these seek to educate and influence society.
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Chooses his or her own friends
Comforts others if they are upset
Eats correctly
Enjoys caring for animals
Knows his or her full name and adress
Can keep themselves ocupided for a long time by looking at a book or a video.
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When there is secondary school enrollment for men and woman

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