What Are The Importance Of Excretion In Plant And Animals(details)?


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Excretion is the process of the body ridding itself of waste after taking the required energy, water and mineral values from the food and nutrients it has consumed.

Plants have two different sets of excretion; Photosynthesis and Respiration. Oxygen is a waste product in photosynthesis as carbon dioxide is broken down into sugar and oxygen. The importance of oxygen is clear - it's essential to humans. Respiration is the excretion of water via transpiration.

Generally, plants have vacuoles which store all other metabolic waste. Usually these are in leaf cells, which allow the vacuoles to crystallize. When the cell vacuoles are filled, the leaf drops. These are known as Excretophores. Saps and gums are also types of excretion.

In animals, excretion is a balance process. Like all living things it is the process of waste expulsion, but it gets rid of excess nitrogen and balances salt, water and other mineral levels in the body. Urine and faeces are both types of excretion. The expulsion of this waste is important as it avoids inducing sickness. Another type of animal excretion is sweating. The body is excreting liquid through the surface skin to reduce body heat. This is important as it is a cooling process; warm water makes the overall body temperature higher. Removing this lowers the body temperature, but does run the risk of dehydration.

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