What Is The Physiology Of The Uterus?


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This organ, having the shape of an inverted pear, consists of two parts, the main body and the "cervix," the "neck" of the womb. The womb of the average woman is about three inches long and is somewhat elliptical at the top or widest part, which is about two and a half inches by two inches in diameter. It is formed of a thick wall of strong muscles, so that the inside volume of the uterus is not much greater than that of a thimble. On the sides, near the top, the two Fallopian tubes branch out, about four and a half inches in length. At a slight angle, under these tubes, ligaments also branch to the two ovaries, each situated near the entrance to the Fallopian tubes. The ovaries are about the size of unshelled almonds, and the inner canal of the Fallopian tubes is about the diameter of a hair bristle.

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