What Is Light?


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Light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength which can range from 4000 angstroms (violet) to 7,700 angstroms (red). There are various source of light which can illuminate the surroundings like the lamp, the lantern, an electric light or even the moon light and sun-light. Thus light can refer to the device which provides light or even the illumination itself. Light is known to travel at the speed of 300,000,000 meters per second which is nearly travelling 7 times around the equator in a span of just one second!

Light can also mean 'spiritual awareness.' In archaic usage, light referred to 'eyesight.'

Light can also refer to some of comparatively less physical weight or mass. A 'light shade' is something which has a comparatively little amount of colouring agent. A light hearted story or tale is something which is somewhat humorous and not so heavy.
In my opinion light is the energy package of a photon, which is the combination of seven colors having the fastest ever speed of three into ten raised to the power eight.

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