What Is The Difference Between Thunder And Lightning?


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Lightning is a sudden, violent flash of electricity that occurs between a cloud and the ground or between two clouds in the sky. A lightning bolt can be several miles long and can be straight or forked. It is very hot, with an average temperature of 34 000 degrees Celsius. This causes the air around the electric bolt to expand, producing lots of sound energy. It is this sound energy that we hear as thunder.

So, lightning and thunder are caused by the same event, but lightning is light energy, or electromagnetic energy, whereas thunder is sound energy.

Lightning storms occur when moist air is driven up to a great height in the atmosphere, forming a cumulo-nimbus cloud. When the cloud gets high enough, the water freezes and ice crystals form. These fall, turning to rain but when the reach the warm air that is rising, this causes friction, causing a discharge of electricity.
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But what of the light that goes from cloud to cloud in a storm that has a minimal if any amount of sound that seem to never touch the ground
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Thunder travels in compressional sound waves and lightning travels in transverse light waves.
Lightning travels at high speeds and thunder is slower because
thunder is sound and light travels faster than sound.
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Thunder is caused by the clashing of the winds and lightning is caused by static electricity.
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Thunder is a sound wave and Lighting is a bolt of visible electricity heading towards earth
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Because lightning is a light and thunder is a sound.
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Lightning is the transfer of static electricity between the ground and the sky. The thunder is the sonic boom it makes from the discharge. If you want a more detailed answer about how the process starts and stops, just ask.
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A thunder is heard some time after a lightening is seen. A same phenomenon  perceived by two different sensory organs. If it hits me that'll give me another perception!
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Thunder is merely the sound you here when lightning occurs.

Thunder is the result of lightning as it heats the sky.

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