What Is Limewater?


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Lime water has got nothing to do with the citrus fruit. Its scientific name is saturated calcium hydroxide solution. Lime water can be made at home by adding calcium hydroxide to water. The solution has to be continuously shaken for a few hours to maintain the calcium hydroxide content in it. Lime water has many uses such as it can be used as a paint. It is also used in the process of making vinegar and medicines. Lime water also helps in eliminating bacteria and other forms of diseases. It is most often used in laboratories to determine the presence of lime water.
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Limewater is a plain, odourless and colourless calcium hydroxide solution. Ironical as it may seem, the word 'lime' is not in any way related to the citrus fruit. There are quite a few calcium compounds which are called 'lime' (examples: quick lime and slaked lime).

Limewater is prepared by adding calcium hydroxide to clean and pure water (distilled water). The mixture has to be shaken and stirred within the span of few hours for duration of 24 hours to ensure a fair amount of calcium hydroxide dissolution in water. In chemistry, lime water is used to find out the quantity of carbon dioxide, because limewater reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate precipitate. Limewater is used as a paint called lime-wash or white-wash.

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