Where Does Thyme Come From?


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Thyme is an herb that is easily grown in the garden. Many varieties are also found wild - as weeds in the lawn, for example. Thyme used in cooking is either dried leaves or is ground into a powder. Personally, I don't like the flavor of the powder, but love the taste of thyme leaves in vegetable dishes and egg dishes.
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To grow thyme well it requires a lot of sunlight and warm and dry soil, although a little bit of negligence can do no harm to the plant.
A small container can be used to plant about twenty seeds. Thyme requires approximately 70 degree Fahrenheit of temperature from bottom and a little moist soil. It is only after a month after thyme being sprouted that you can take it outside, although even then the night shelter is advisable. After spending a week outside, the plant can be transplanted.
It grows about six to twelve inches in height and can cover a diameter of about one and a half feet. You should cut leafy clusters when first blossoms open. You should renew your plant every few years.
Common thyme and less pungent lemon thyme are widely available species of thymes. It is a perennially green shrub and can be used as a border plant also.

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