What Will Sink Or Float In Salt Water?


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Objects with less density than salt water will float.Objects with more density will sink.
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A dead tree
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Sulfur will float
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There are several things that are able to float in salt water but when it comes to the freshwater, the same objects will sink. So one thing can certainly be said that salt water has more properties that can make an object float and in this context at least salt water is better placed.

If you want to know about the particular thing that can float in salt water, let's talk about we human being first as you have asked the question as a human being. Most of the humans can float in the salt water that is prevailing in sea but when it comes to the fresh water the same human being can sink.

The reason behind the phenomenon is that the viscous force or the internal resistance that is prevalent in salt water is higher than that of fresh water and it is for this reason that the object is not able to sink in salt water.

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