What Are 3 Characteristics Of Salt Water?


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Comparing salt water with fresh water is a common scientific experiment. Here are some examples of how adding salt changes the properties of water: By adding salt, the viscosity or internal resistance of flow becomes higher. Also, it becomes more dense. This is why it is easier to float in seawater, which has salt in it, than in fresh water. Objects that are less dense than the water will naturally float to the top. When salt is added to water, the freezing point becomes lower and the boiling point becomes higher.

The characteristics of seawater are often referred to when exploring how saltwater reacts. The salt component of seawater comes from the erosion of minerals in rocks. Although saltwater intrusion is a natural process, it has caused some concern because it can affect supplies of drinking water. It causes seawater to flow into freshwater aquifers. These aquifers are underground areas of permeable rock or silt that are filled with water. Building a well allows the fresh water aquifers to be used for drinking water.
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