What Is Polymer Clay And Which Are The Brands Available In India?


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Polymer clay is an enhancement over natural clay. It is artificial clay, created from polymers, as the name suggests, unlike natural clay. While natural clay is made of silicate particles suspended in an aqueous medium, polymer clay consists of polyvinyl chloride particles suspended in a plasticizing medium. However, it can be used for the same purposes as clay; in fact it can be used better than natural clay. It has better properties than natural clay, and is the material of choice nowadays for many artisans, artists, craftsmen, and even children. Polymer clay is also available not in just the standard sombre colours that natural clay comes in. It is available in a range of basic colours, and you can also mix differently coloured polymer clay to arrive at clay in colours of your choice. Being more flexible than natural clay, polymer clay is used widely nowadays, in the manufacture of a large number of items, such as beads, bracelets, etc. It is also a good medium for children to play with and make their own creations of different shapes and sizes.

Buying polymer clay in India is not a difficult proposition nowadays. It is easily available, and you can walk into any of the shops that sell handicraft items and buy it. You can also buy polymer clay at a toy store or a shop that sells things of children's interest. Some of the brands available in India are Fimo and Sculpey. These are just two brands; there are other I do not know the names of.
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I have been searching the internet for FIMO and Sculpey polymer clay in India but could not find any. It is not available in toy ystores. Could you also suggest from where to buy the polymer clay in India. Any website or address of any location would help
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In answer to your question "Could you also suggest from where to buy the polymer clay in India. Any website or address of any location would help"

Polymer Clay Express ships to India and they have all types of polymer clay, tutorials and other clay related items. 

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