Who Made The First Map?


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There is much debate over what is considered to be the very first map. Many of the earliest artefacts that are originally considered to be maps, may actually be something else.

There has been a wall painting discovered that depicts the ancient city of Catal Huyuk that dates back to the late seventh millennium BCE. Many believe that this is the first written map in history. Other maps that date back to the ancient world include the Monoan 'House of the Admiral' wall painting and an engraved map of the holy Babylonian city of Nippur.

The oldest world maps that are still in existence are the Babylonian world maps from the ninth century BCE.  The Ancient Greeks and Romans created many maps that began with Anaximander in the sixth century BC.

  • General vs Thematic Maps.
General maps are those that are made for a general audience. This means that they exhibit reference and location systems and are typically produced in a series. They contain a number of different features and are produced in a number of different scales.

In comparison, thematic maps are created to focus on a particular geographical theme. This theme will be aimed at a particular audience. For example, a thematic map may show corn production for those who wish to study it.
  • Topographical vs Topological Maps. 
Topographic maps are mainly focussed on the topographical description of a place. This map will include contour lines that show elevation. Terrain and relief is shown in a number of different ways within a topographical map.

Alternatively, topological maps are much more general. They are simple maps that may just be sketched by someone giving directions. It does not contain any scale or detail and just has route information.

The first map, and who invented it, is debatable. It is unlikely there will ever be a definitive answer.
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The first map record was modeled in clay and then backed more than 4000 years ago, in Egypt. In ancient times, landowners marked the outlines of their land; the kings marked the boundaries of their kingdom on maps.

Eratosthenes, a Greek who was born in 276 B.C. figured the distance around the earth and came very close to truth. His methods made it possible for the first time to calculate north-south distances correctly.

At the same time, Hipparchus suggested that a map of the world be divided evenly by imaginary lines of latitude, parallels and of longitudes.

In the second century, Ptolemy used this same idea and made an improved map with evenly spaced lines of latitudes and longitudes. His book on geography was the only standard text until after the discovery of America.

The first large collection of maps was published by Abraham Ortelius of Antwerp in 1750. Geradus Mercator became the father of modern map-making. On the title page of his book there was a drawing of the giant Atlas, and in this way a collection of maps has come to be known as an "atlas".
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Eratosthenes made the first map thats what it says on here (I think) .
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