Where Is The Location Of The Trachea?


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The trachea is a very important part of the respiratory system in animals. The trachea is seen in both vertebrates as well as invertebrates, though it is highly developed in the vertebrates. We will limit our discussion here to the vertebrate trachea, with special reference to human beings.

The trachea is a small tube that is present between the mouth and the entrance of the lungs. It acts as a connector between these two organs and has a critical function. Commonly called the windpipe, the trachea measures about four to five inches. The trachea has a hard feel to it due to the presence of cartilaginous rings on its walls. That is why you can feel the trachea when you touch the front part of your neck.

The trachea is responsible for letting air pass through it into the lungs. The food and water cannot pass through the trachea as they would then reach the lungs instead of the stomach. They pass through the oesophagus (also called the food pipe) which is present directly beneath the trachea.

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