Where Is The Jugular Located?


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The jugular veins are in the neck and drain blood from the head, brain, face and neck and convey it toward the heart. Very vulnerable place to the side of neck
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The word 'jugular' is used as an adjective and you can find the use of the word in association with the word 'vein' to form the term 'jugular vein'. The meaning that you can figure out from the term 'jugular vein' is the kind of veins that serve the purpose of bringing deoxygenated blood to the heart from the head of a person's body. The veins bring the blood back to heart via superior vena cava.

The jugular veins are of two types: the external jugular vein and the internal jugular vein. The internal one is formed by the anastomosis of blood and this anastomosis happens from the sigmoid sinus and the facial vein. The external jugular veins run on the superficial part of sternocleidomastoid and both the veins connect to subclavial vein.
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The simple answer is the larger vein running up the side of your neck used very often to check for a pulse. Try it on yourself .

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