What Should India Do To Become A Developed Country?


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India is already on its way to becoming a developed country. However, certain things are still lacking. Although, today the government of India may claim to be an emerging super power but the reality is quite different from what the government of India or the media of India portray to the world.

India may have progressed on paper and on screen but do we see the progress on the streets of India? Don't we still see people living in poverty. There are millions of people still surviving in India on an income of less than one dollar a day. India can never be considered a developed country unless and until the poverty, hunger and pain of the poor on the streets and those living in the slums is curbed.

Lately the government of India has come up with several developmental plans and no doubt it has helped boost the economy of the Country in some ways. But the long term impact of these plans do not seem to serve the purpose, or what should be the purpose of any government, that is, prosperity of the common man. Investment is pouring in from within the Country and abroad, but the poor man is getting poorer. The Country may boast of an increase in international trade, an increased export revenue, but it can't boast of meeting the Millennium Development Goal of bringing down the number of poor on its soil!

In order to be considered a developed Country, India needs to focus on the common man. On the prosperity of the general public and on the living conditions that its residents have to face.
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It is not only the Government's role to make India a developed nation. People of the country should also take responsibility. Education and Job Creation will be the key factors involved. Citizens with enough disposable income must do charity as a part of life - not only to save tax, but with a genuine concern. Collective efforts to educate poor children and develop rural areas can make a huge difference.

We, the people of India, must vote and more importantly vote for the right candidates (who can make a difference and who are well educated themselves).

I really hope that India becomes a developed nation sooner than later.
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People should get involved in politics. We should show our patriotism to the nation in selecting our rulers. If politicians are strict and free from corruption many government plans will be acting which could helps in a progress of a nation. Elect the people who care about the next generation not about the next election. Involve yourself in political matters. This is our country, we should take care of it.
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1. Improve governance
2. Raise educational achievement
3. Increase quality and quantity of universities
4. Control inflation
5. Introduce a credible fiscal policy
6. Liberalize financial markets
7. Increase trade with neighbours
8. Increase agricultural productivity
9. Improve infrastructure and
10. Improve environmental quality.
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India should focus on the poors . The development should start from there. There should
exist a financial equality between the people.
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1. Recommends the developed countries to increase aid and trade to the developing countries in order for the developing countries to develop;

2. Urges the developing countries government to take responsible actions in order to help their country develop, such as:

A. Improving education systems,
b. Increasing the amount of job opportunities, such as,
I. By training people for jobs,
ii. Training people to teach,
iii. Establishing institutions and factories,
c. Improving health and medical services in the country,
d. Eradicating poverty;

3. Strongly Recommends the developing countries to take advice from the developed countries;
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India should give more importance to rural household, proper health facilities in rural as well as in the urban sector. More importance to poor farmers such that providing then loans at cheap rates.
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Unless and until the political system in India changes, India can never become a developed country.
Corruption should be stopped from lower levels first.
Every citizen should show equal interest in bringing up their country instead of blaming others.
There should not be a difference between rich and poor.
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Reduce  poverty,population and pollution
eradicate corruption and corrupt politicians
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India should start by improving the conditions of farmers, especially landless farmers.

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Hi friends,

Not only does the government plays a crucial role in making India a developed country, but also proper awareness among the people should be created regarding these issues.

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India will be never get success because as the unemployment reduces it doesn't matter but it will lay down India to corruption!!!1!!!!
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Use a great deal more energy in order to contribute more to global pollution and warming. A good way of doing this would be to industrialize the agriculture of India which would also have the added benefit of throwing 75 % of the population out of work so they could become criminals and drug addicts.

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