Which Country Is The Most Developed In Africa Infrastructurally?


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The most developed country within the continent of Africa is South Africa. It is otherwise referred to as the Republic of South Africa and is a parliamentary democracy which comprising of a total of nine provinces, located in the South of Africa. It is renowned for its diversity in regards to its languages and cultures. There are a grand total of eleven languages noted in their constitution, with two being of European origin: One called Afrikaans, which is made up predominantly of Dutch language which was adopted by mainly the white and Colored South Africans, including the South African English. The English language is technically the most commonly used language within public and commercial life, however, it ranks as only the fifth most common in terms of languages spoken within the home.

In comparison to the rest of Africa's countries, South Africa has a noticeably better infrastructure, boasting a highly developed network of around 222,831 miles of roads and 13,317 miles of railway lines. However, of the 222,831 miles of roads, only 17 per cent of that is paved adequately. There are several airports, both national and international, which can allow citizens to travel between countries and to different countries all over the world, encouraging trade and communications between other countries.

Their development stretches out to things such as a well developed bulk water system, to ensure citizens are supplied with continuous and bountiful access to water at all times. This avoids illness due to levels of disease and dehydration within other parts of the African continent. South Africa's electricity rates are also said to be among the cheapest in the entire world, with a telephone company (TELKOM) which provides for over four million South African citizens, further bridging the communication gap. Some parts of South Africa, however, like in most countries, are still in great need of further development.
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South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria are the most developed countries in Africa, we can say Egypt too, but Egypt has too much poverty (44%), same thing with Nigeria and other similar countries, they have many resources, but poverty is killing them.
But if we looked at RSA, Tunisia and Morocco, they don't have much poverty, especially Tunisia and Morocco, you wouldn't feel you're in Africa. I have visited Agadir (Morocco) last year, there is no black man, only white people, and beautiful guys, same thing with other cities like Marrakesh and Tangiers ... Etc.
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I believe it is Nigeria in west Africa
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Ghana and nigeria for west africa....egypt,tunisia,morocco for north africa.....and south africa the ultimate
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In sub saharan Africa I would say southern african countries have the best infrastructure
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South Africa and Mauritius
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1st -South Africa  2nd Egypt  3rd Tunisia and Zimbabwe 4th Nigeria  5 Morocco 6 Zambia and Botswana

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