When Is Charlotte NC's Last Frost Normally?


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Charlotte NC (North Carolina) is positioned on North America's humid subtropical zone. As a result the city typically has mild winters along with hot, humid summers. However, on average, it receives roughly 1105.3 mm (that is, 43.52 in) of precipitation per annum. This would include some winter snow along with more regularly, ice-storms owing to its inland location. Usually first frost would be around mid November while last frost could be sometime early April.

In January, generally morning lows would average in the region of 0 °C (that is, 32 °F) while afternoon highs would average 11 °C (that is 51 °F). However, in July for instance, lows could average 22 °C (that is 71 °F) while highs could average around 32 °C (that is 90 °F).

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Mid April is a safe bet. Once in a blue moon it will frost after then, but it isn't very common.

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