What Is The Weather Like In Ohio?


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The weather in Ohio is very unpredictable. Ohio experiences summers that are very mild to very hot. The average summer temperature in Ohio is 80 degrees. The fall time in Ohio is beautiful with the leaves changing colors. The average fall temperature in Ohio is about 50 degrees. However, it also snows in the fall. The spring time in Ohio is usually rainy and it can also snow in the spring. The average spring time temperature in Ohio is around 60 degrees. The winter time is the most unpredictable of all of the seasons in Ohio. The average temperature is about 30 degrees and it snows a lot in northeast Ohio. In northeast Ohio, there can be as much as a foot of snow in one snowfall. The increased snow fall in the northeastern part is because of the lake effect on Lake Erie. Ohio is bordered to the north by Lake Erie, which has a lot effect on the climates in the north.

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