What Social Problems Does Nigeria Have Today?


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In modern-day Nigeria, problems such as poverty, AIDS, and political unrest affect the country's populace. In developing African nations, including Nigeria, progress has been slowed by problems such as droughts, malaria, violence, and crime. Today, the citizens of Nigeria strive to move forward by fighting for a more democratic society, while also addressing the constant specter of poverty and political upheaval. For today's Nigerians, relief from disease, poor living conditions, and violence are the main social issues; solving these difficult problems will undoubtedly lead to a happier, healthier society. Luckily, there are many people (in Nigeria and in world relief agencies worldwide) working to educate, medicate, and sustain political change. Many relief agencies are registered charities that work tirelessly to:

• Feed the poor
• Train people to perform skilled labor that leads to a better income
• Use the system to effect long-lasting political change that benefits the average Nigerian

For example, Microsoft chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, run their own foundation to supply developing African nations (including Nigeria) with mosquito nets (these protect children and adults from malaria), medicine for AIDS and other diseases, and food and shelter. The mosquito nets cost very little to provide; however, the benefits they provide are far-reaching and very important.

Nigerians work side by side with relief agencies to help the country battle it toughest social problems. Women in Nigeria also play an important role, taking care of the next generation, and fighting to establish communities. Sometimes, women in Nigeria are often placed in the roles of single parents, who must juggle all of the emotional and financial responsibilities that this entails. Many people believe that a stronger commitment to family and marriage by Nigerian men would lead to a more stable society and less social problems.
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Increased crime rate
human trafficking
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Social problems in nigeria
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Nothing. We are ust made to believe that there is a problem.
We are not just always prepared for what ever come before it comes

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