My Jalapeno Pepper Plants Leaves Have Turned Yellow, But There Are New Starts, Flowering, And Peppers Growing Out Of Those Stems With All The Yellow Leaves. What Can Be Done About The Yellow Leaves And Why Are They Yellow But Producing New Starts?


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Your plants are getting to much water.They don't need an awful lot of water to thrive.I have 750+ pepper plants this year in my garden, 1500 + last year,(I can a lot of peppers-n-sauce) I honestly ignore them most of the time, water them about every two weeks, depending on where you live.I live in western Pa. And we have been having a lot of rain, my peppers are turning yellow too, but they will be okay,same thing happens every few years.I don't even weed very often if at all. My husband thinks this is wrong, but it works, my peppers are doing good, we have some about 5-6 inches long, Hungarian Hot Wax , 2-3 inch Jalapeno so keep a watch, but I'm sure they will be just fine.
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Just an educated guess here, but too much water can cause the leaves to turn yellow.
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The plants are in a raised bed, in Arizona, the ground drys quickly. Are pepper plants supposed to be cut back?
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Wish you had stated this info in your question.
I have never grown a Jalapeno plant that I had to cut back.
It is difficult to give you an answer without more information. Can only guess at what your problem could be. How about fertilizer? Are you using the right type and amount?
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Sorry, I had to log off before finishing the above comment.
Does the fertilizer you are using have nitrogen in it? Lack of nitrogen can also cause yellowing of the leaves.

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