Where Does Lightning Come From?


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Lightning is formed due to accumulation of charges in the atmosphere
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The answer of this question depends upon how we look at the things, a that's a confusion lies there. As we all know that when the clouds are being charged by the separation by the ions created by the dust particles and then ice crystals rubbing together as wind. Generally these ions are gathered in different portions of the cloud, reaching at the level of power which allows for the crash of very good insulator the journey, to reach down from the clouds have began towards the earth or anything grounded mounted. These unseen feelers called step leaders while reaching towards earth and if any of them want to see them or want to study it he has to use an infrared lens.
After reaching a certain point above the earth the dependence of this step leader is its intensity, it pulls the objective charge of the ions up from the ground, it called streamers.
Once the ions pulled up and meet the step leader from the cloud, the circuit is completed and the visible lightning bolts, or interchanges the ions to neutralize this electric imbalance. Many return strokes follow the same path which causes the flickering effect.
Ions which are based on the clouds are negatively charged, so mostly the strike rare is 92% negative to positive cloud up from the ground.
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Lightning is basically an atmospheric discharge of electricity. It occurs during thunderstorms, dust storms or volcanic eruptions. Lightning can travel at a speed of 60,000 miles per second and temperatures of 30,000 degree Celsius.

There have been no clear answers about the formation of lightning. There are plenty of theories about it. It is commonly believed that when ice and water particles collide in clouds, they get charged. The lighter particles are positively charged and are found near the top of the cloud. Whereas the negatively charged, heavier particles are at the base or bottom of the cloud. When a storm occurs, the cloud completes the circuit when the negative charge enhances the positive charge and thus lightning is created.
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It comes from the clouds

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