Which Is The Biggest Canal In The World?


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China's Grand Canal is the longest, as well as one of the oldest artificial waterways in the world. Constructed in 486 B.C., it was expanded on a number of occasions during the following three centuries. The canal extends for a total of 1,795 Km, making it longer than both the Panama and the Suez canals. The Grand Canal is also relatively wide, and is never narrower than 30m. Most sections of the waterway are closer to 100m in width.

A section of the Grand Canal is navigable, but most of it is not. The waterway cuts through major urban centers, such as Beijing and Tianjin. The canal has been key in the fields of economy and culture, and it also helped foster social and national cohesion, as it connected various parts of country. Today, the canal continues to have an important commercial purpose, as it is used to transport wholesale goods and industrial materials
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The south to north water diversion project is the China's biggest ever canal project in which the companies are interested for capitalization.
Overseas companies of Japan, Germany and France have shown their willingness to invest in this project
Some electronic machinery and pump manufacturers in SHINGHAI, central China's HENAN province and North China's Inner Mongolia have contracted with the ministry to gain information about the project.
The canals are designed to take 38-48 billion cubic meters of water from Yangtze River annually. About 30-35 billion cubic meters will be available for industries, urban areas and for irrigation in North China upon completion of the canal.
This great project is expected to be launched the next year
This project demands huge amount of raw materials and equipments including steel, cement, metal pumps, pipe lines and machinery. Even the laid off workers will get the share. They are considered as the most important potential resource for the service companies as the canal would run through HENAN province and North China's HEBIE province where state owned enterprises have redundant staff.
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Suez canal
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