When Was The First Garage Door Opener Invented?


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Just for fun you did ask if it was manual or electronic/radio operated.....technically even though they were not called "garage doors" or were open by people/animals you could say castle gates and drawbridges were the first "garage" doors and the "openers" were mules,donkeys or servants/knights...
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Sergio Jemas answered

I think that specialists who are engaged in the installation of garage doors can answer this question.

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Sophie Carroll answered

Yes, you're right, but you just need to know which specialists to contact with this issue. I recently saw my neighbor installing a new garage door and I was wondering what kind of specialists he hired. I myself was already thinking about upgrading the garage door and entrance doors. He said it was a company which also does replacement windws and doors. They have great prices and I saw how well they did their work.

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