How Does Age Contribute To Diversity?


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People may identify others by their age group, viewing them as children, teenagers, young adults, middle aged or old. If some age groups are seen as better than others, or assumptions are made about the abilities of each age group, this may lead to discrimination. Demography is the study of the population – the way it grows and declines. Two hundred years ago, if you lived beyond the age of 50, you were considered to be old and to have lived a long life. One hundred years ago, the life expectancy of a newborn child was 55 years. Today’s life expectancy is around 75 years. Since more people are living longer and fewer people are dying younger – because of the advances in medicine and a greater awareness of health risks – the population in the UK has increased.
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Well usually age contributes to diversity in a big way. With passing age you tend to become wiser and learn a lot more from the experiences of life.

As you grow you come across many different people from diverse cultures, you tend to learn about them and their behaviour patterns. Diversity is a vital part of growing up, it teaches you to live and adjust with people whose thoughts are completely different from yours. When you're young you tend to make hasty decisions without even thinking, growing age makes you more mature and you think twice before taking every decision.

During your teen age days or early twenties you tend to live for yourself, once you're married you're family becomes your priority since they are dependent on you; hence every decision matters because every step that you take has an indirect effect on them.
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Once a person reaches the age of forty and over, they are placed into a "protected status" which means they are protected from any type of harassment from supervisors or managers at the work place because of age discrimination by the laws enforced by EEOC.
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Your far over 40 and that alone will not protect you from ME! KID!
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be careful there logic....or I will call the affirmative action police on you...

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