What Are The Factors Affecting Natural Vegetation?


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Temperature, general climate, other plants, animals, insects and human activity can affect natural vegetation

  • Temperature
Temperature has a massive effect on most plants. Warm weather is essential for the plants to germinate, sprout, grow and live. In colder regions, perennial plants need a large amount of heat (i.e., the spring) to be able to break away from dormancy.

Warm temperatures are also needed by a number of plants to be able to flower or fruit. The temperature is sort of like an indication to many kinds of plants that it is the right time of the year to start flowering and producing their fruits. Other kinds of plants that are native to tropical regions and hence receive heat all year long will need many days of consecutive heat to even be able to break the ground for the season.

The plants that need the most heat include the shampoo ginger plant, banana plant, carambola, allamanda, frangipani, mango, lobster claw, papaya, and the pineapple trees.

Cold weather also affects plants and vegetation. Some plants aren't really that tolerant of heat, and will instead thrive in the colder temperatures. These plants include the holly, the camellia, wintersweet, quince, poppy, parsnip, asparagus, apricot, almond and raspberry. Some of these plants will produce only during the winter, whilst other plants might need a period of cold before they can start growing properly.

Many perennials that appear to die off during the winter have actually only entered a state of dormancy and they will come back once the heat of spring appears.

The gardener at home doesn't need to be a prisoner of the climate when it comes to plants. Gardeners can grow plants that flower all year round and put them close together so that the garden doesn't seem bare during winter. This will mean that the flowering will alternate and the transition will see the transformation of your garden for the next few months.
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The factors affecting the natural vegetation are :
1.)Relief :Land and soil
2.)Climate:Temperature ,Photoperiod and Precipitation.
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precipitation, climate,parent rock, etc.
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