How Far Does Light Travel In One Second?


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Light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second in vacuum. Although some may refer to it as the 'velocity of light', the term velocity is generally used to describe vector quantities, those which possess a certain direction.

Many physicists have attempted, both successfully and ineffectually, to measure the speed of light. Even though Galileo tried to measure it in the 16th century, the closest measurement obtained in the continent of Europe was that of Ole Romer, a physicist from Denmark, in the year 1676.

However the very first triumphant attempt to properly record the speed of light was made by Hippolyte Fizeau in the year 1849. What he basically did was to aim a beam of light to a mirror which was positioned many thousand meters away, and positioned a rotating cog in the way of the beam from the light source to the mirror and back again.
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The velocity of light depends on refractive index of the medium inversely, denser is the medium, higher is the refractive index and slower is the velocity of light and vice versa.
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Light travels really fast about two hundred ad something thousand meters per secound. And guess what light can go round the world 8 times in 1 secound. Ty bye.
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Diamond is one of the most refractive materials that is transparent, although the highest for which I have seen a value is silicon.
You can find the refractive index of opaque materials by studying the angle at which reflected light is almost totally plane polarised (Brewster's Law)

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