What Are He Ten Largest Cities In Florida By Their Population?


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Florida’s top five largest cities according to their population Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando. The busiest city, Jacksonville, has a population of 852,450.

There are 411 cities, towns and villages in Florida, with Pensacola and St. Augustine being the oldest cities - they were both chartered in 1822. St. Augustine was actually founded 55 years before Plymouth Rock and was settled in 1565 making it the oldest continuously occupied community in all of the United States’ history.

The youngest of Florida’s cities are Cutler Bay and West Park, which were incorporated in 2005; and Grant-Valkaria and Loxahactchee Groves, which were incorporated in 2006.

Cities are created in Florida as a direct response to demand from the population of a particular area. The request is usually made because the people want to have a voice in their governing and they want to determine their service delivery. Obviously,. There is definitive criterion that has to be met before an area can be considered, including having a population density of at least one person per one and a half acres, and it must have a proposed charter.

Many towns in Florida actually have tiny populations, and one of the smallest is Marineland, which has a miniscule population of 10 people. Weekie Wachee has just eight people living there.

The idea of cities was one that was brought to America from England and Spain, and originally had to be granted by charter from the king, and was considered to be a business contract. Nowadays, the charter is a contract with the people to provide governmental services.
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  • Jacksonville

  • Miami

  • Tampa

  • St.Petersburg

  • Hialeah

  • Orlando

  • Ft,Lauderdale

  • Tallahassee

  • Hollywood

  • Coral springs

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